An Opposites Attract Anthology

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G’day Everyone,

Welcome back to Kez’s bookshelf.

Today marks the release of the delightful contemporary romance anthology brought to you by Enchanted Publications. Please join me in the garden this sunny autumn’s day here in Oz, as we take a closer look at this wonderful little read compiled of short stories based on the theme of ‘opposites attract’.




Proceeds of this novel to benefit the Terry Foundation



She’s a rebel.
He follows the rules.
He’s a romantic.
She doesn’t have time for hearts and flowers.
Sometimes opposites attract.
Sometimes love doesn’t make sense.
But you know what they say:
The heart wants…
What the heart wants.

My Review

 What the Heart Wants is a fabulous, lighthearted read, consisting of ten different short stories based on the common romance theme of ‘opposites attract’. I really enjoyed each story featured in this novel, what a wonderful way for Enchanted Publications to showcase their talented authors. Most of these authors were unknown to me, so it was great to experience their writing for the first time and I will eagerly read novels from any of these authors once again. Congratulations to Enchanted Publications and the contributing authors on a wonderful compilation of entertaining stories of love. With proceeds benefiting the Terry Foundation – I wish you all great success.


You can read a summary of each story featured in

‘What the Heart Wants’ plus find links to purchase your copy:-



In celebration of the release of

What the Heart Wants




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Why not join in the celebrations and order your copy of “What the Heart Wants” today and help support the Terry Foundation. While you’re at it make sure you follow the rafflecopter giveaway link and register your chance at the fabulous giveaways up for grabs….it’s party time.


Pax Vobiscum


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