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I recently caught up with the second book in the contemporary romance series Constellation aptly tilted “Chaos“. It was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of this series…


My Review


What would a discontented man seeking a change in his career as a means to breathe new life both professionally and personally call his existence once such a decision becomes the catalyst to so many changes (wanted and unwanted) ….Chaos!!

Chaos is the perfect title to this second book of the wonderful Constellation series by Jennifer Locklear. In this novel, through Jack’s eyes, we learn how the move to Bend, Oregon came to fruition and the affects it had on his family. With his marriage on the rocks and his growing attraction to the bombshell Kathleen Brighton (his younger, intellectual and independent colleague), Jack struggles to keep the equilibrium as he strives to move forward with his decision and build a happy life for himself and his daughter Heidi.

As Jack’s admiration for his work colleague, Kathleen, begins to grow, he recognizes her unhappiness and insecurity is embedded in her relationship with her father and their boss, Robert Brighton. Disheartened with the manner in which Robert appears to be treating his daughter, Jack strives to empower Kathleen and make her happy.

On this tightrope of equilibrium, we are provided with a glimpse of Jack’s own personal growth as he walks us through; his previous mistakes in life, building a mutual and equitable relationship with Allison, providing a safe, stable future for his daughter Heidi and fighting for that Great love that he now treasures – the love he has with Kathleen.

Congratulations Jennifer this is a wonderful read dealing with everyday complex issues in a positive and mature way. Through charismatic characters and your comprehensive writing style this series continues to be a page turner, I love these characters and I continued to think about them days after finishing this book. I look forward to what awaits us in the next novel as their story continues.






Artwork dedicated to Chaos and created by the incredibly talented Victoria


“She smiled with luminosity at my touch, her own happiness encompassing me. I grinned broadly at my successful flirtation. We were both relaxed and radiant as Chad took our first picture together.” illo by the amazing Victoria 


Victoria is the artist behind many wonderful creations inspired by stories written by some well known and much admired romance authors such as Sylvain Reynard, E.L. James, Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci. Visit Victoria’s website today and check out these creations which you can also purchase online… 



The Constellation Series so far:-


ConsEbook          DdIJbBKW0AIBggl


You can order your copy of this wonderful five star series today:-



Happy reading everyone.

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