Hi, I’m Kez from sunny Perth in Western Australia and I welcome you to Kez’s Bookshelf.

The world can seem a very cold and lonely place at times and we all face our own challenges in life. Whether it’s maintaining a busy lifestyle, finding the equilibrium to a successful professional and a happy family life. Some of us may also be dealing with personal matters such as; loneliness, illness or stress, anxiety and depression.

We often become  too consumed at striving for success and recognition, that we forget to STOP and take time to appreciate the little things in life. It’s time now to do just that, so why not kick off your shoes, curl up in that comfy high wing back chair and let your mind ponder over the various reviews and articles you will find on my bookshelf.

I will bring to you a selection of thought provoking romance stories from various authors that will warm the heart and enrich the soul.  With reviews from contemporary, historic, paranormal and classic romance stories; to reflections on feel-good and empowering quotes & articles of hope and inspiration.

Now that you’re comfortably seated, take a moment to smell the roses beside you (remember, it’s the little things) and please…except a drink from my very handsome and debonair waiter, Tom. Allow me to bring you a little light-heartedness, perhaps some humour and hopefully a smile to your day.

Pax vobiscum